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5 of the leading fish tanks available to you

1) Red Sea Max – This range comes in a number of sizes from 130 litres to 500 L It’s important that you decide where the tank’s to be situated before you set it up as once it’s been filled it’ll be too heavy to move. Look to place it away from drafts, direct sunlight or radiators to make regulating the temperature easier.

2) Juwel Aquariums – There are a number of aquariums available in this range and the models start from 120L upto 300L. These fish tanks come with stands and many are available in different colours. As with the Red Sea Max you would be best deciding where you are going to put your tank before you start to set it up, also place it away from any drafts and radiators to make it easier to maintain the temperature.

3) Aqua Medic Aquariums – In this range of fish tanks there is a choice of size and design. The smallest is 140L and the largest is 950l and are designed with keeping marine fish in mind. The 950L measures L 81.4 inch x W 29.4 inch x H 67.6 inch so you will need a large space to fit it in. As with all the other tanks it’s recommended that you position it where you want it before you set it up.

4) BiOrb – If you are looking for a smaller aquarium for a living room or office then you might be better off purchasing a tank from the BiOrb range. There are many designs and sizes from which to choose starting with the Baby BiOrb which is 15L right the way up to the new 105 which holds 105L.

5) Nano Cubes – The Nano Cubes start at 8L. The newest edition is the Dymax IQ3 made from acrylic it’s lighter than a glass tank and has an LED light which is attached to a dimmer making it easier to control. Available in many sizes including 8/10/15/20/30 and 60L giving you a great range of table top/desk top aquariums to choose from.

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