Psammochromis riponianus

Maintaining Psammochromis riponianus

by Brian Harrison Original Description Psammochromis riponianus was originally described as Pelmatochromis riponianus by Boulenger in 1911. The species was then listed as a junior synonym of Haplochromis cinereus by Regan (1922) but, on the basis of specimens in Vienna museum, Lohberger, 1929 decided that Regan’s views on the conspecificity of Pelmatochromis riponianus and Haplochromis […]

Cypriniformes: Nemacheilidae

Schistura callichromus (Zhu & Wang, 1985) Synonyms: Nemacheilus callichromus Zhu & Wang, 1985 original description; misspelled as Noemacheilus Schistura callichroma (Zhu & Wang, 1985)

Cyprinodontiformes: Profundulidae

Profundulus labialis (Gϋnther, 1866) Genus Profundulus Hubbs, 1924 Tlaloc mexicanus Alvarez & Carranza, 1951

First record of Homatula in Red River drainage

A new species of Homatula has been observed and caught in the Chinese part of the Red River basin. This is the first record of a Homatula species in this basin. Read the discovery story.

Beaufortia kweichowensis

Butterfly Loach Gastromyzon leveretti kweichowensis Fang, 1931b; Beaufortia kweichowensis gracilicauda Chen & Zheng, 1980 Etymology Beaufortia: named for Dr. Lieven F. de Beaufort. kweichowensis: named for Kweichow, China, type locality of this species. Kweichow is perhaps better known as Guizhou province.

Aquarium sand

First off, deciding if you want Aquarium sand as your tank’s substrate requires taking a several things into account. Aquarium Sand isn’t a the best choice for a planted tank if using rooted plants, it is undesireable too if you’ve an undergravel filter system. Another thing to keep in mind if the tank is made […]

5 Basic rules of fishkeeping

There are quite a lot of web sites these days offering all sorts of advice on fish husbandry, from how to set up an aquarium, to breeding many of the fish we find in our local fish stores.

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A guide to breeding tropical fishes

This section deals with the spawning tropical freshwater fish other than Asian catfishes. As someone who over many years has had some success in spawning many species of tropical fish, I always get a little nervous, when asked the question, “How do you breed a certain species”?

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Erethistidae, Bleeker 1862. Was resurrected by de-Pinna (1996) and consists primarily of six genera, Ayarnangra, Conta, Erethistes*, Erethstoides, Caelatoglanis and Pseudolaguvia, which had been regarded as Sisorids up till the revival of Erethistidae in 1996, due to the fact that these six Erethistids differed to all other Sisorids in having a prominent pectoral girdle with […]

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Bagridae catfish are found in both Asia and Africa; containing over 200 species ranging is size from 30mm SL to over 600mm SL and can be found in many diverse habitats, from alkaline lakes to small acidic ditches and from flowing hill streams to some of the largest river systems in the world.