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Nakajima & Suzawa, 2015:

Cobitis sakahoko, a new species of spined loach (Cypriniformes: Cobitidae) from southern Kyushu Island, Japan.

Cobitis sakahoko

Kyushu Island, Japan

ME, 2015-08-12



Lalramliana, Lalronunga, Lalnuntluanga & Ng, 2015:

Exostoma sawmteai, a new sisorid catfishLalramliana, Lalronunga, Lalnuntluanga & Ng, 2015 from northeast India (Teleostei: Sisoridae).

Exostoma sawmteai

Barak River, NE India

ME, 2015-08-12



Endruweit, 2015:

Homatula change, a new nemacheilid loach from the upper Black River basin in Yunnan,Endruweit, 2015 China (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae).

Homatula change

Black River, China

ME, 2015-08-12



Valdesalici & Van der Voort, 2015:

Four new species of the Indo-Burmese genusBadis from West Bengal, India (Actinopterygii: Perciformes: Badidae).. .Valdesalici & van der Voort, 2015

Badis andrewraoi

Badis autumnum

Badis kyanos

Badis soraya

West Bengal, NE India

ME, 2015-08-12. .



Valdesalici & Van der Voort, 2015:

Badis laspiophilus, a new miniature addition to the ichthyofauna of West Bengal, north-eastern India, with observations on its ecology and preliminary notes on its ethology (Actinopterygii: Perciformes: Badidae). .Valdesalici & van der Voort, 2015

Badis laspiophilus

Torsa River, India

ME, 2015-08-12



Pezold & Larson, 2015:

A revision of the fish genus Oxyurichthys (Gobioidei: Gobiidae) with descriptions of four new species). .Pezold & Larson, 2015

Oxyurichthys limophilus

Western Indian Ocean

Oxyurichthys rapa

French Polynesia

Oxyurichthys chinensis

Oxyurichthys zeta

Western Pacific

ME, 2015-08-12



Danio annulosus, a new species of chain Danio from the Shuvolong Falls in Bangladesh (Teleostei: Cyprinidae: Danioninae). .Kullander et al., 2015

Danio annulosus Kullander et al., 2015

Kaptai Lake, Bangladesh

ME, 2015-08-12



Cophecheilus brevibarbatus, a new labeonine fish from Guangxi, South China (Teleostei: Cyprinidae). .He et al., 2015

Cophecheilus brevibarbatus He et al., 2015

Guangxi, China

ME, 2015-05-01



Description of a New Species of the Genus Heminoemachilus (Teleostei: Balitoridae) in Guangxi, China. .Zhu & Zhu, 2015

Heminoemacheilus parva [sic] Zhu & Zhu, 2015

Pearl River basin, China

ME, 2015-05-01



A new species of Bibarba (Teleostei: Cypriniformes: Cobitidae) from Guangxi, China..Wu et al, 2015

Bibarba parvoculus Wu et al., 2015

Pearl River basin, China

ME, 2015-05-01



Cave Fishes of Guangxi, China. Science Press, Beijing. 1-266.

Oreonectes acridorsalis Lan, 2013

Oreonectes barbatus Gan, 2013

Oreonectes duanensis Lan, 2013

Oreonectes donglanensis Wu, 2013

Paranemachilus pingguoensis Gan, 2013

Protocobitis anteroventris Lan, 2013

Sinocyclocheilus luolouensis Lan, 2013

Triplophysa langpingensis Yang, 2013

Triplophysa fengshanensis Lan, 2013

Triplophysa dongganensis Yang, 2013

Yunnanilus bailianensis Yang, 2013

Guangxi, China

ME, 2013-10-17



Sinocyclocheilus xichouensis, a new species of golden-line fish from the Red River drainage in Yunnan, China (Teleostei: Cypriniformes).Pan et al, 2013

Sinocyclocheilus xichouensis Pan et al., 2013

Red River basin, China

ME, 2013-08-13



Description of two new species and revision of Schizothorax distributed in the Irrawaddy drainage area in China.Yang et al, 2013

Schizothorax heteri Yang et al., 2013

Schizothorax leukus Yang et al., 2013

Irrawaddy River basin, China

ME, 2013-08-13



Schistura puncticeps, a new species of loach from Myanmar (Cypriniformes: Nemacheilidae).Bohlen & Šlechtová, 2013

Schistura puncticeps Bohlen & Šlechtová, 2013

Irrawaddy River basin, Myanmar

ME, 2013-07-28



Two new species of Schistura from Myanmar (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae).Bohlen & Šlechtová, 2013

Schistura pawensis Bohlen & Šlechtová, 2013

Schistura rubrimaculata Bohlen &  Šlechtová, 2013

Irrawaddy River basin, Myanmar

ME, 2013-07-28



Garra magnidiscus, a new species of cyprinid fish (Teleostei: Cypriniformes) from Arunachal Pradesh, northeastern India.Tamang, 2013

Garra magnidiscus Tamang, 2013

Brahmaputra River basin, India

ME, 2013-07-28



Glyptothorax igniculus, a new species of sisorid catfish (Teleostei: Siluriformes) from Myanmar.Ng & Kullander, 2013

Glyptothorax igniculus Ng & Kullander, 2013

Irrawaddy River basin, Myanmar

ME, 2013-07-11



Racoma ramzani, A New Snow Carp (Teleostei: Cyprinidae: Schizothoracinae) From Pakistan.Javed, Azizullah & Pervaiz, 2012

Racoma ramzani Javed, Azizullah & Pervaiz, 2012

Indus River, Pakistan

ME, 2013-07-11



Sisor pakistanicus (Teleostei, Sisoridae), a new catfish from the river Chenab, Pakistan.Javed & Mirza, 2011

Sisor pakistanicus Javed & Mirza, 2011

Chenab River, Pakistan

ME, 2013-07-11



A new barbeled goby from south China (Teleostei: Gobiidae).Cui, Pan, Yang & Wang, 2013

Tridentiger radiatus Cui, Pan, Yang & Wang, 2013

Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

ME, 2013-07-11



A New Species of Sinocyclocheilus from Kunming, Yunnan -- Sinocyclocheilus wui sp nov.Li & Li, 2013

Sinocyclocheilus wui Li & Li, 2013

Ninlanjiang River, Yunnan, China

ME, 2013-07-11



Description of a New Species of Parabotia Fish from Guangxi, China (Cypriniformes: Cobitidae).Zhu & Zhu, 2012

Parabotia brevirostris Zhu & Zhu, 2012

Pearl River basin, Guangxi, China

ME, 2012-09-30



A new species of troglobitic loach (Cypriniformes, Balitoridae), Triplophysa jiarongensis, from Guizhou, China.Lin, Li & Song, 2012

Triplophysa jiarongensis Lin, Li & Song, 2012

Pearl River basin, Guizhou, China

ME, 2012-09-30



A new blind loach, Triplophysa lihuensis (Teleostei: Balitoridae), from Guangxi, China.Wu et al., 2012

Triplophysa lihuensis Wu et al., 2012

Pearl River basin, Guangxi, China

ME, 2012-09-30



A new species of Barbine genus Sinocyclocheilus (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from Zuojiang River drainage in Guangxi, China.Zheng, Xiu & Yang, 2012

Sinocyclocheilus jinxiensis Zheng, Xiu & Yang, 2012

Pearl River basin, Guangxi, China

ME, 2012-09-30



A taxonomic review of the catfish identified as Glyptothorax zanaensis (Teleostei: Jiang, Ng, Yang & Chen, 2012Siluriformes: Sisoridae), with the descriptions of two new species.

Glyptothorax fucatus Jiang, Ng, Yang & Chen, 2012

Glyptothorax granosus Jiang, Ng, Yang & Chen, 2012

Salween basin, Yunnan, China

ME, 2012-05-30



Description of a new species of the genus Yunnanilus Nichols, 1925 (Teleostei:Chen, Yang & Yang, 2012 Nemacheilidae) from Yunnan, China.

Yunnanilus niulanensis Chen, Yang & Yang, 2012

Yangtze basin, Yunnan, China

ME, 2012-04-18



The catfish genus Erethistoides (Siluriformes: Sisoridae) in Myanmar, with descriptions ofNg, Ferraris & Neely, 2012 three new species.

Erethistoides longispinis Ng, Ferraris & Neely, 2012

Erethistoides luteolus Ng, Ferraris & Neely, 2012

Erethistoides vesculus Ng, Ferraris & Neely, 2012

Irrawaddy, Sittang, Ann Chaung basins, Myanmar

ME, 2012-04-18



Glyptothorax lanceatus, a new species of sisorid catfish (Teleostei: Siluriformes) fromNg, Jiang & Chen, 2012 southwestern China. 

Glyptothorax lanceatus Ng, Jiang & Chen, 2012

Salween basin, Yunnan, China

ME, 2012-04-18



A new cyprinid species, Placocheilus dulongensis, from the upper IrrawaddyChen, Pan, Xiao & Yang, 2011 system in northwestern Yunnan, China. 

Placocheilus dulongensis Chen, Pan, Xiao & Yang, 2011

Irrawaddy basin, Yunnan, China

ME, 2012-03-22



A new species of Triplophysa (Nemacheilidae: Cypriniformes), from Guangxi, southern ChinZheng, Yang & Chen, 2012a. 

Triplophysa huapingensis Zheng, Yang & Chen, 2012

Pearl River basin, Guangxi, China

ME, 2012-02-25



A new species of the genus Sinocyclocheilus (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae) from Guanxi,Zhu & Zhu, 2012 China. 

Sinocyclocheilus flexuosdorsalis Zhu & Zhu, 2012

Pearl River basin, Guangxi, China

ME, 2012-02-25





aquariophil news


Recommended further readings:

There is an article about the artificial propagation and embryonic development of the cyprinid Neolissochilus benasi. This cyprinid occurs within the middle and lower reaches of the Red River basin in China and Vietnam. It possesses a distinctive black, slant upward directed midlateral stripe. This is the first time this species was spawned in captivity. Further reading!

Another interesting article deals with the discovery of natural spawning grounds of the bizarre flat loach Jinshaia sinensis in the upper Yangtze basin. It features some never seen before photos of the species’ early ontogenetic development. Read more !

ME, 2014-01-03


First record of Homatula in Red River drainage

Homatula sp N51

A new species of Homatula has been observed and caught in the Chinese part of the Red River basin. This is the first record of a Homatula species in this basin. Read the discovery story.

ME, 2012-10-05



New species fact sheet: Channa hoaluensis Nguyen, 2011

Channa hoaluensis

First photographs of Channa hoaluensis! I have been visiting RIA1 in Bac Ninh in April for my current studies on nemachilid and balitorid loaches. Took the opportunity to measure and photograph some other species as well. An impressive, recently described new snakehead is Channa hoaluensis.

ME, 2012-07-13



New species fact sheet: Cobitis sp. CC4

During our recent trip to northern Vietnam we collected a new cobitid species in streams associated to the Nui Coc reservoir, east of Tao Dao National Park.

Cobitis sp. CC4 

The new species shows a beautiful color pattern of dark brown blotches over a yellowish ground along the dorsal part of the flanks. Specimens have been deposited in KIZ, Kunming, Yunnan, for further ongoing research.

ME, 2012-07-13



Giant seagrass to be the oldest recent organism on Earth

Australian scientists sequenced the DNA of the Giant Seagrass Posidonia oceanic with an amazing outcome. Among the samples obtained from the Mediterranean Sea were some patches aged up to 200.000 years. This makes them the ‘oldest living thing on Earth’. Read an online article in ‘The Telegraph’.

ME, 2012-03-07



New Poecilia from Laguna Miramar, Chiapas, Mexico

Poecilia sp. PO1  E-MEX 30-11

Laguna Miramar seems to shelter plenty of endemics and not yet released treasures; during my Mexico 2011 excursion to this isolated freshwater lake within the Lacandon jungle I was able to collect a new species of livebearer belonging to the well known genus Poecilia.

ME, 2011-10-10



New Heterandria in upper Rio Coatzacoalcos discovered

A colorful new species of the livebearer genus Heterandria has been discovered in the upper Rio Coatzacoalcos basin, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Heterandria sp. PO3 E-MEX 31-11

Caught individuals differ strikingly from all hitherto known Mexican species.

ME, 2011-10-07



Garra mirofrontis Chu & Cui, 1987 - Facts about a rare Garra species from the upper Mekong basin

Garra mirofrontis belong into the species group bearing a proboscis. Its proboscis is bifurcate and reminds one of the horns of a bull.

Garra mirofrontis EB-CN 93-10This Garra seems be widely spread within the upper Mekong basin in Yunnan Province, China, but is never frequently encountered.

ME, 2011-02-14




Schistura porthos Kottelat, 2000 - Facts sheet online

The facts sheet of Schistura porthos has been added to the species section. We could catch plenty of this speciesSchistura porthos EW-CN 83-10 in Nanxinghe River, a left hand tributary of Luosuojiang River, Mekong basin. Schistura porthos have been reported from northern Laotian subbasins of the Mekong (Kottelat, 2000). This is the first record of the occurrence in Chinese waters.

ME, 2010-09-24




Physoschistura sp.  N3 EW-CN 66-09New Physoschistura sp. in Yunnan, Red River basin,  discovered

We collected a not yet described species of the genus Physoschistura in the Mengyejiang River, Yunnan, China.

With the description of this new species the number of taxa in Physoschistura will reach eight, the number of Physoschistura spp. occurring in Chinese waters should be three.

ME, 2010-07-09





Three Gorges affects Acipenser sinensis population

Experts say that there are no more than 1000 fishes left in the Yangtze River, only half of them able to reproduce. The dwindling number of rare Chinese sturgeon is mainly caused by habitat destruction and environmental degradation due to pollution.Acipenser sinensis If there are no appropriate protective measures applied Acipenser sinensis will go extinct within the next 50 years.

In order to support the population China has established two large breeding centers in Hubei province which produced almost 6 millions fingerlings between 1983 and 1988 that had been released into the Yangtze River.

Read an China daily online article how a new threat, the mighty Three Gorges Dam, affects the well being of the remaining fishes.

ME, 2010-06-30



Channa gachua (Hamilton, 1822)  -  Facts sheet online

Channa gachua EW-CN 66-09This common snakehead species is widely spread all over the southern Chinese provinces. We have collected it during our stay at the Mengyejiang River, Yunnan Province, China.

ME, 2010-05-12





Glyptothorax interspinalum (Mai, 1978)  -  Facts sheet online

Glyptothorax interspinalum EW-CN 66-09

This sisorid catfish is hardly known and have probably not been exported nor kept by aquarists. It is easy to maintain in aquaria though, but is not an eyecatcher. We caught this species in Mengyejiang River, Yunnan Province, China.

ME, 2010-05-10



Glyptothorax quadriocellatus (Mai, 1978)  -  Facts sheet online

Glyptothorax quadriocellatus EW-CN 66-09

This sucker catfish lives in well oxygenated streams with rocky bottom substrate within the Red River basin of Yunnan Province, China and northern Vietnam. We caught it in EW-CN 66-09, which is the Mengyejiang River, Yunnan Province, China

ME, 2010-05-07



Pseudecheneis paviei Vaillant, 1892  -  Facts sheet online

Pseudecheneis paviei EW-CN 66-09This sisorid catfish can be encountered in the riffles of streams with swift current and well oxygenated water within the Red River basin. We have found them in a tributary to Lixianjiang River, southern Yunnan Province, China.

ME, 2010-05-06





Vanmanenia tetraloba (Mai, 1978)  -  Facts sheet online

This balitorid occurs in tributaries of the Lixianjiang River, a sub-basin of the Vanmanenia tetraloba EW-CN 66-09upper Red River basin, Yunnan Province, China. It populates fast running sections of streams over gravel and rock substratum. There was a healthy population in Mengyejiang River, a right hand tributary of Lixianjiang River.

ME, 2010-03-20



Schistura laterivittata (Zhu & Wang, 1985)  -  Facts sheet online

This nemacheilid from the Red River basin has been misidentified as S. caudofurca Schistura_laterivittata_EW-CN66-09_pic15_250pxsince 2001 (Kottelat, 2001b). In fact, it is much distinct from S. caudofurca. We could catch plenty of them in Mengyejiang River, Yunnan, China.

ME, 2010-03-06





Schistura callichroma (Zhu & Wang, 1985)  -  Facts sheet online

As plenty of Chinese nemacheilids Schistura callichroma is virtually unknown to Schistura callichroma EW-CN 66-09Western hobbyists. It inhabits riffle sections of the upper Red River basin featuring fast flowing water over rock substratum. We observed them in the Mengyejiang River, Yunnan Province, China, just some 15 km north of the borderline with Laos.

ME, 2010-02-21




Schistura kloeztliae Kottelat, 2000  -  Facts sheet online

This nemacheilid loach is an absolute riffle specialist. It exclusively inhabits the Schistura kloetzliae EW-CN 71-10interspaces of rock and boulders in riffles featuring fast flowing water. The maximum water depth we could observe them is 20 cm. Stagnant areas are avoided due to its high demand of dissolved oxygenium. The loaches’ morphology shows some adaptations to this extreme environment.

ME, 2010-01-27



Sinogastromyzon tonkinensis Pellegrin & Chevey, 1935

Facts sheet online

This species is widely spread in the Red River basin in Yunnan Province, China. It Sinogastromyzon tonkinensis EW-CN 66-09requires well oxygenated water inhabiting riffles in clear streams with swift current and can be considered as a water quality indicator.

ME, 2010-01-23











Yunnan 2010-II excursion - Mekong, Salween

We were heading for mastacembelids and nemacheilids in Mekong and Salween basins, Lincang Prefecture, western Yunnan. Found a couple of less disturbed habitats along the Nandinghe River.

Yunnan 2010-II

Successful recollection of Schistura latifasciata from its type locality.

updated, ME, 2015-02-22


Brazil 2013-I - Rios Araguaia and Tocantins

Aquatic habitats in the drainages of the Rios Araguaia and Tocantins in the states of Goias and Tocantins. For the first time ever plenty of rare annual killies were photographed among them Maratecoara splendida.

Brazil 2013-I

ME, 2015-04-18


Colombia 2011 excursion - Rio Meta

The Rio Meta in the Meta Department of Colombia is a major tributary to the mighty Orinoco and possesses a unique ichthyofauna.
Colombia 2011
I caught many fishes that we know from the hobby. And some that we do not know, such as fantastic yet undescribed Corydoras like C. sp. C003.

ME, 2015-03-16


Hainan 2011 excursion

We were exploring freshwater habitats throughout Hainan Island trying to obtain specimens of Schistura fasciolata and Beaufortia leveretti for my further research on loaches.Hainan 2011

ME, 2015-03-15


Yunnan 2011 excursion - Mekong

Fishing was mainly done in Xishuangbanna, but also in adjacent Puer Prefecture around Lancang; exclusively in tributaries of the Mekong River.

Yunnan 2011

Picture shows a nuptial male of Opsarius pulchellus from a tributary of the Nanlahe River.

ME, 2015-03-03


Yunnan 2010 excursion - Mekong, Red River

Fishing the Chinese Mekong during the rainy season. Many species you just get when water levels are elevated. There are some specimens that represent new species.

Yunnan 2010

ME, 2015-08-10



Mexico 2011 - Upper Rio Coatzacoalcos, Oaxaca

Mexico 2011

Fishing for the fantastic cichlid Thorichthys callolepis in the upper Rio Coatzacoalcos basin. Nearly pristine streams boost brillant snorkel views.

ME, 2012-05-30


Mexico 2011 - Laguna Miramar, Chiapas

Mexico 2011 - Laguna Miramar

Been fishing in pristine Laguna Miramar located in the Lacandon jungle featuring plenty of livebearers and cichlids never been photographed hitherto.

ME, 2012-05-11


Yunnan 2009 - Red River, Mekong

It took me around 14 months to compile this article about our first Yunnan trip. The objective was to obtain accurate IDs of all fishes caught. Due to a lack of related literature proper identification took a long time.

Yunnan 2009

See various species  of Sinogastromyzon, Vanmanenia, Beaufortia, Pseudecheneis, Glyptothorax, Garra, Danio, Opsarius, Schistura spp. Due to a couple of complex taxonomic matters I have not finished all identifications at this time. I am still working on that.

ME, 2011-04-09


Malaysia 2009 - Sabah, Borneo

In June 2009 we went to the northern part of Borneo, to Sabah,  investigating hillstreams. Sabah is a balitorid paradise.

Malaysia 2009

Our target species were Gastromyzon extrorsus and G. auronigrus. We found the former one. Read the updated article of this collecting trip featuring latest IDs.

ME, 2010-07-06


USA 2010 excursion - Northern Georgia

Northern Georgian waters are well known for their appealing darters, Etheostoma spp., and small sized, fantastically colored cyprinids, such as Notropis and Cyprinella spp. Besides, there are dozens of interesting crayfishes occurring in the riverine environment of Northern Georgia.

USA 2010 

I could catch the target fish in a deeply hidden forest stream: Notropis chrosomus (Jordan, 1877).

ME, 2010-06-30


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