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A guide to breeding tropical fishes

This section deals with the spawning tropical freshwater fish other than Asian catfishes. As someone who over many years has had some success in spawning many species of tropical fish, I always get a little nervous, when asked the question, “How do you breed a certain species”?

As answering this sort of question, no matter how sincere one is; can be a tad precarious. There are some people who think that there is a magic formula and that you are keeping it to yourself. I tend to look at things as “You are keeping water not fish”, get the water conditions right and the fish will for the most part be healthier, and more willing to spawn, all that is needed, is a healthy diet for some, while others need these things, plus a “triggering” event in order for them to spawn, one such event can be a water change using cooler water.

One has to be willing to wait and not expect instant success, if one thing doesn’t work try something else, if by carrying out cold-water changes doesn’t happen to trigger a spawning; try altering the pH at the same time, or altering the hardness, the tap water in my area is soft, whereas in other areas the tap water is hard; so changing the hardness may work on certain types. What apparently works for me might not necessary work for you, but remember change only one thing at a time; be patient, and give each change time to maybe take effect. But remember also ‘It is a hobby’ and no matter how good one thinks he or she is at breeding tropical fish, you won’t become a millionaire, so just enjoy your fish and delight in any successful spawning that come along. The first spawning sheet available is ‘Spawning on demand’. An article that explains much on breeding tropical fishes.

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