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Tierra Negra – E-MEX 33-11

As our last stop during this excursion we were fishing in a nameless tributary to the Rio San Andres close to Tierra Negra. This river subbasin belong also lies within the upper Rio Coatzacoalcos.

China – Hainan 2011

Baisha market; all fishes are Nandujiang River basin. Three specimen of Cyprinus rubrofuscus. The one in the middle is a common grass carp Ctenopharyngodon idella.

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Mexico 2009 – Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz

Some brief insights into the Mexican ichthyofauna Sierra de Juárez, Oaxaca The first stage was a kind of cold temperate fog forest located in the very heart of the Oaxaca state, the Sierra de Juárez. It’s on the way south between Oaxaca city and Salina Cruz. If you are heading westwards you are crossing an […]

Mexico 2011 – Upper Rio Coatzacoalcos

Searching the enigmatic cichlid Thorichthys callolepis within the upper Rio Coatzacoalcos basin, Oaxaca – March 2011 Rio Almoloya – E-MEX 31-11 We were fishing in the Rio Almoloya, which some locals also refer to as Rio Ajal on the NE face of Sierra de Juarez, in the ‘Region de los Chimalapas’. This habitat is small […]

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Shandong 2007-II

A day trip in China’s Shandong Province Target fish: Macropodus ocellatus Cantor 1842 There are a couple of interesting articles about Macropodus ocellatus aquarium maintenance and about its zoogeographic distribution. A recommendable article for German speaking labyrinth fish nuts is DE RHAM (1992) published in the German aquarium magazine DATZ (see literature). DE RHAM also […]

Yunnan 2011 – Mekong

Xishuangbanna – January 2011 Menglun 勐仑 Menglun is a perfect stopover for fish aficionados. You have one of the best morning markets in the region. The market features all of the rich variety of the region’s fishes. The only problem is you have to get up early to snap up intact specimens, means specimens that […]

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USA 2010

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