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5 of the leading fish tanks available to you

1) Red Sea Max – This range comes in a number of sizes from 130 litres to 500 L It’s important that you decide where the tank’s to be situated before you set it up as once it’s been filled it’ll be too heavy to move. Look to place it away from drafts, direct sunlight […]

Tropical Fish Breeding

The Basics of Tropical Fish Breeding

We all love fish, especially those breeds that come from the tropics. They are not only beautiful; they are also easy to breed. In fact they have been popular over the years. With numerous animated movies highlighting these wonderful creatures, kids and adults alike are starting to make their way to the industry of breeding […]

Aquarium sand

First off, deciding if you want Aquarium sand as your tank’s substrate requires taking a several things into account. Aquarium Sand isn’t a the best choice for a planted tank if using rooted plants, it is undesireable too if you’ve an undergravel filter system. Another thing to keep in mind if the tank is made […]

5 Basic rules of fishkeeping

There are quite a lot of web sites these days offering all sorts of advice on fish husbandry, from how to set up an aquarium, to breeding many of the fish we find in our local fish stores.

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A guide to breeding tropical fishes

This section deals with the spawning tropical freshwater fish other than Asian catfishes. As someone who over many years has had some success in spawning many species of tropical fish, I always get a little nervous, when asked the question, “How do you breed a certain species”?