Tropical Fish Breeding

The Basics of Tropical Fish Breeding

We all love fish, especially those breeds that come from the tropics. They are not only beautiful; they are also easy to breed. In fact they have been popular over the years. With numerous animated movies highlighting these wonderful creatures, kids and adults alike are starting to make their way to the industry of breeding fish, whether for profit of recreation.

Tropical Fish Breeding

Raising tropical fish is not easy; you will need to study them and acquire specialized equipments such as fish tanks for salt water fish. Unlike usual aquarium fish, tropical breeds love to swim a lot and you will need bigger tanks for them. Plus you will need separate tanks for separate fish since some breeds are aggressive towards other breeds.

Furthermore, you will have to ensure that the quality of water inside the tanks is good for tropical fish. Fish from the tropics can be very delicate and chemicals like copper will easily kill them. That’s why you also need salts, water, and water testing equipment in order to make sure that they are in good living conditions.

All the equipments like used fish tanks and basic supplies such as food and water conditioners you will need can be easily seen in local aquarium supply stores. You would save more however, if you buy them in bulk over the internet. When online, you also get to study every species including their natural conditions, captive breeding of fish, and much more. Educating yourself will be important as you thread on in this industry.

If you want to breed fish to a marketable maturity, you will have to learn every species’ growth rates and reproductive rates. Compatibility among fish will also have to be studied. Remember that tropical fish take time to grow so be patient.

Different species have different reproductive rates and some can produce hundreds of these little fish at one go. Some of these offspring however, will be weak and small. You will have to cull these fish out as they will not be of good quality for selling. Other than that, they will also have to be culled and removed to ensure that the environment inside the tank remains healthy for other fish.

Another part of the breeding process is the business end. You will have to transport your fish to various markets or to customers directly and this takes skill and timing. First, make sure that your customer acknowledges every shipping arrangement in advance and have them accept the fishes themselves. Explain to them your return and allowances policies. Try shipping the fishes overnight through fast and efficient means.

Packaging your fish for transport is another thing. There are different methods depending on the size and oxygen requirements of the species involved and these will dictate how you package them.

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An easy way to package your fish is to double bag them: one bag tied at the opening and turned upside down into another bag that is also then tied. This will add more stability thereby preventing the corners from closing in on the fish and also provides extra piece of mind against leakage. The materials you use will also have to be tight, but not crushing, to keep the bagged fish upright. Thing is some materials like extra padding can be expensive. A good suggestion is to offer a discount to your frequent customers if they return your packing materials.

All the things you’ve read here are not impossible to learn and master so put a little effort in taking care of your fishes and studying them. Study your fish and do the work yourself; experience is the best teacher and in no time, you will be a successful breeder!

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