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Akysidae a group of Asian catfish that Contains five genera; these are: – Acrochordonichthys, Akysis, Breitensteinia, Parakysis and Pseudobagarius.

Acrochordonichthys and Breitensteinia are commonly referred to as ‘Asian Banjo catfish’ and on occasion are referred to as ‘Stonecats’.
Akysis, Parakysis and Pseudobagarius are commonly referred to as ‘Wasp’, ‘Stream’ or ‘Bee’ cats.

It is mainly Akysis group that are imported for the aquarium hobby in Europe, with the other four species being spasmodically imported in small numbers.
The “banjo” cats are the largest in size, growing up to 220mm SL as in the case of Breitensteinia insignis; with the “wasp” cats ranging in size from 60mm SL as in the case of Akysis prashadi down to 30mm SL as in the case of Akysis recavus.

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